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Welcome To Unity International Company, Inc.' s Introductory & Temporary Website

Unity International Company, Inc., (also called “UICI”) was duly incorporated on June 3, 2016 under the auspices of the Standing Committee pursuant to §§ 33-2-101, 102 and 103(b) SC Code of Laws and the Restated Articles of Incorporation were duly filed on June 28, 2016 pursuant to South Carolina’s Code of Laws § 33-10-107; and in accordance with South Carolina law, is therefore authorized to operate pursuant to §§ 33-3-101(a), 102(1)-(15) and 104(a) SC Code of Laws with the corporation’s Registered Office located at 687 Ellis Avenue in Orangeburg, SC 29115 pursuant to §§ 33-5-101 & 104 SC Code of Laws.

As an individual and especially as parents, when you are a Shareholder in a New Age Class "C" Corporation like UICI, You must commit yourselves to excellence in everything said or done. Every Shareholder must educate herself/himself, encourage others  to educate themselves so millions can change their long standing beliefs that only the wealthy or the rich and famous can become Shareholders in Class "C" Corporations.  New Age Corporations (NACs) have changed the paradigm forever.  Anyone of average means can be a Shareholder in a New Age Corporation with unrestricted access to the exact same knowledge, skills, capabilities, rights, privileges and protections as mandated by corporate law.

When millions of people collectively, have ownership and control of a major Class “C” Corporation like UICI, now you are discussing real "Economic Empowerment" and not another pipe dream. Therefore, based on this reality, the facts and the undeniable historical evidence, New Age Capitalism, UICI, and its by-product, New Age Thinking are the first ever legal structures and the only genuine concepts that have the innate ability and capability to empower millions of people for the first time in their history in America and in Western Civilization. Together with other Shareholders, you can own and control the means of production that generate long term cash flow and wealth.  Do not miss this opportunity to change your life, your future, the future of your family, community and the destiny of everyone else you know. 

Consequently, with the above stated undeniable and irrefutable actualities firmly rooted in your conscious mind, contact our Registered Agent today.